You are IMPORTANT ! - Agna Pelon Fotografie


This sentence should be in every place in earth where work, live and breathe human bean.

You ask why?

Answer is very simply, because every living person wanna feel important, usefull and love.

But desire, pure strong desire of being important is the strongest straight with push every our action.

Child make good or bad stuff, because she wanna if mama put on him attention, then in result she or he will be important for her, will be extis. And we all are children, some a little bigger then anather, but besicly  we have the same desire. Mans work for family, thats why is so important mans ego, is base on with stay every mans world. They bay biger houses, more expensive car and so on , not because they need it just because they wanna fell power. Woman make plastic surgery, baying expensive clouds, and even make make up not for themself ( or maybe not all) they wanna feel adore, for her man, for people on the streat, to hear nice word, complement even from person who they see first time on her eyes.


Thats the key for people head and more important to humans heart.

Because we wanna have imfluence on people, we wanna if they do what we want, think like we think, unfortunatly noone teach us to how to live with people. We dont know how to speak to be undertand, with lunguage use  to people like us and respect us. We dont care what anther people think, the most important person in our life is – ME.

We use this word contantly . I, I dont want, I wish, I dream, I … I…. I…

And just sometimes, sometimes when we have a good day full of empaty we will think what think anather person about situation. Specilly dificult for us is think about anather side when we have with this side comflick together. Uffff

Hell no, whatever happend in the end I have write, what I feel is most important, and SORRY forget, I will not give first heand  for agreement. We dont listen people, we make a converation, but we dont even rememebr name of person with who we speak, we dont wanna know about they problems, they thoughts, we wanna if they listen us.

ITS SO EASY-  You wanna if people like you is recepy.

  1. Big smile – the best all the time
  2.  Remember with who you speak- besacly remember name the person who siting next to you
  3.  Look her in the eyes – forget that iphone exist
  4. shut your mouth and listen . Just this

RESULT- you are perfect friend.

So we can make someone feel good today. Is simply. We need to make them ust feel important.

With smile, nice word,a little understanding. Is cost as a little, but the profit is irreplaceble.

Start with people around you. Start it now. Dont care what happend before , what will be happen in the future. This moment is important. Take a deep breath and smile, smile to yourself, to your cat, to your child, husband , mather, teacher, person who just hit  your branding new car-  whatever. Just do it. ! You will feel diferent, you will feel good.




Fot thous of you  who don’t know how to laught or wanna lern something new this is how Azian country do it !