What will happen when you will never have enough ? - Agna Pelon Fotografie

Can an ordinary trip to the cinema become a great adventure?
Yes. If you take your child with you.
And for a movie like The Greates Showman.
THIS was the first trip to the cinema of my son (big deal), I remember the first movie to date,

which I watched as an 7-year-old  – “it was Casper”, Who does not know this movie, Hit 1995.
So I decided it must be a beautiful movie with a message.
After thinking, we chose to hit the new year “The greates showman” and I have to tell you that it was a hit!

In addition to beautiful photos and music that impresses the film showed my child  that we are all different and beautiful in their own way that each of us has something to offer. And reminded me that no matter how old and experienced you have, you sometimes have to break the routine of life and follow your dreams, and run faster and faster towards them, because only what we need to achieve them is the courage to believe that they have already come true . They came true in our head. And if we believe it, then life will give us hundreds of ideas and people who, if only we are a little more patient and consistent, help us to make them real in our real life.
But there is something else. .. One more message and a good wound for us. In pursuit of the goal and following your dreams, let us not forget for whom and why we do it, because if it turns out that only for ourselves, then any success will never be final and we will never be fully happy. Success is teamwork, so it’s worth appreciating people around you, your family, friends. It is also worth to stop for a moment and enjoy with them what you already have. Because it is not important to fulfill the dream only the path that leads to it, because there we can learn and experience the most. And what else is our life like not one big trip.




So I stopped in pursuit of my dreams and went to the cinema with my child. And it was a very good decision. Now I have great memories from this day new experience and I have made the little man happy. And I hope I learned an important lesson.

foto source: internet