that every picture should be a history in itself.

Your wedding day is able to tell you ten photos,

and give away emotions to three.

Do You want to see?



Since you are here …

You probably have seen several galleries, you like my style, or you were at one of the parties where I was and I was. I think it’s important to like – if you do not like me yet. There is no point in working with someone you do not like. My work is very emotional. Before each job, I think HOW can work with you best, what are your wishes, what would make you happy? It helps to break out of the routine of what I do. Automatically, remember for whom and the most important WHY I am doing it.

I have such a small life mission – to make people happy, I do it, among other things, by photogaphy. This is something that connects me with people. That’s my private social language. My talent, your desires – this is our treasure.

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Living a madman is fun, but not practical enough. Unexpected entries are great for shooting, but. I prefer to know who, where and when I will be photographing. That’s why I have my little inform formular. I will send IT to you  2 weeks before the appointed date of the wedding. It will help you in all important information and details, so that you will not forget anything. This is also the time to introduce all updates and your wishes related to my work on this day.


If we are far away from each other, I will definitely show up at the designated place the day before. I will check in at the hotel, prepare the equipment and have a good night’s sleep before my work day. (because who would want to have bags under my eyes). Relaxed and ready to work, I will come to a previously designated place . I usually come to the Bride because there is a lot going on. If I have an assistant with us, we share tasks, I go to the bride, the second photographer to the groom. If I’m clever I divide my time between the two sides.

If I am the day before and we have not had time to meet, we can use this time and go for a short session. A few moments with me and the camera will definitely release the tension and let us enjoy the stress. Free day. Because, after all, we want to have fun 🙂




It’s an intimate and joyful time for family and friends. I will be when you need me – I will disappear when you want to be alone. This is a time of details. Please prepare all your accessories in one place – the room, so that you will not forget anything. I take photographs with natural light (unless the wedding takes place in the evening), so if possible, choose a room with plenty of natural light in neautral colors for your preparation. Too much color and equipment introduces unnecessary chaos. And we want to focus on you.



A moment of the greatest emotions

The most beautiful photos are always in the open air. Hovever if the ceremony takes place in a church or other office -it is necessary to notify the appropriate people in advance about my presence. We do not need unhappz suprices. During the ceremony I try to be invisible. You will not see flash because I do not use them. My cameras and lenses are so sensitive that they do well without flashing. Remember not to look under your feet only in the eyes of your beloved during the oath. Colorful confetti and flowers look great on photos, so let’s have fun. After the ceremony a few breaths, give me a moment to gather the equipment and get on the way to the wedding …. but before our fun begin,

we have something romatic to do.





Have you missed me? I was very much.
If you follow your social media on a regular basis. You have certainly noticed that your photos have appeared on your profiles on your wedding day. I am so deeply convinced that everything tastes best in fresh and small quantities, which is why the most surprises are caused by such unexpected surprises.

ups, now you know about it.   … Anyway.

Another surprise will be that after 7 days you will get your photo gallery. Because life is too short to wait. You will also receive the initial design of your album. Remember that you have the full right to express your opinion and ideas.

Choose your album


let’s take a picture

When all guests go to the place of the party, we need some time just for themselves. Before we join the rest of the party, we have to calm down emotions and transfer the beauty of this moment to memory cards. It’s time for a portrait session. I strongly believe that there are no places and people are the most important. That’s why a few shots from close distances are what we need at the moment. Most often I photograph a fixed focal length lens (i.e. one without zoom), which in practice means that I have to run up, but it is worth it. These lenses beautifully blur the background, so that the most important element of photography.  You are beautifully exposed and that’s what it’s all about.


After reaching the party, a moment of breath and a few commemorative family photos. So that everyone is satisfied.

A potem czas na…


The first toasts are over, dinner is served, the sun is already behind the horizon. Then came the time of madness.
We can officially make fun. Your cloths are spinning around your ankles during the first dance. were you invite everyone to play and celebrate your happiness. It’s time for flashe.  I will be celebrating with you. but the focus will remain until the last joint moments until after a dozen or so joint hours we come to part. But do not be sad. We’ll see you again.
If everything is crafty according to my plan – we are 6 weeks after the wedding. you already have your album in your hands with a wonderful box of surprises.
And what ? Do you like it? I said you would be delighted?

Just like I promised.



I like solid cages, I love them.
I also believe deeply that one picture is worth a thousand words,
but there is something inengo that raises my heart to life. MOTION.
Short shots, mixed with each other, blurry and sharp images. Details and panoramas through which color and shadows overflow – it’s something you can fall in love all over again. When our eyes stop blinking, when we breathe to the rhythm of the music that accompanies the picture, we are there, we are in that reality.
Would you like your wedding film look like that ?

Do you want to know how it will look your wedding

threw my eyes?

Come and Check