Which camera and lens to choose when you start working as a wedding photographer? - Agna Pelon Fotografie

So the shortcut is so.

A good inphone can handle everything.


It is small, you always have it with you, it will photograph you panoramas, selfie portraits and whatever you want, really believe the highest iphony and samsung is going through the improvement of cameras so that I’m afraid of emue soon photographers will be claky unnecessary.


You’r small photo carrier can be handle with him safely.

But I know you don’t know play safely.  S O…


But it is you want to take a professionally photo this mirrorless camera or a SLR camera with a full matrix will be suitable.
I do not know about the canons, so I will not tell them about them. From the beginning, I have been passionate about nikon and let it stay like this * in my opinion, there is a better color space, but this can only be my opinion.

So, hint number 2 for those who have a larger wallet, although the entry into the possession of iphon x is not cheap at all, but it will provide us with a subscription.


DSLR with full frame + kit  –     50 mm 1.8 or 1.4

is my universal solution for all starters.



50 mm has the closest criteria and sees almost as much as your eye, so the world’s photographers you see.

But I remember this steel, zoom, no so get ready for running. Exercise your muscles,



So this is it . This is the answer to your repeated question.

What camera and lens to buy when you want to become a wedding photographer.


NIKON 750 +50mm  1.4