THE WOMAN I ADORE - Agna Pelon Fotografie

T H E       W O M A N        I       A  D  O R E

I found very seriously what life bring to me. I meet so much people during my life. Every day bring me new connections.

But not everyone fit to me, and this is totally fine.

With some people I want stay a little longer than usually.

This longer can be even a whole life.

As a wedding photographer I have meet so many people od course, but just with I  include to my regularly life.

I adore to do this.

This One is one of my favorite person ever.



She become my quiet friend since I think 2 years.

We meet each other this years, earlier we know each other just from chat conversation, we don’t even spoke in telefhone.

Old fashion conversation ( not with letters) but with writing.

Since 2 years we had spoken almost every day. We share our joys, fears , good and bad days.

We spoke about very silly stuff and very serious topic, deep for both of us.

I believe I know her very , very well after so long time.

And no, She is not like me. She doesn’t like everything what I do or say.

Is totally opposite. She criticize me a lot, she brings constructive opinion about what I do and what I want to.

She is not afraid to tell me is wunderfull but most of the time I heard Is bullshit, try harder.

A „ quiet- lovely” A N G E L . Don’t you think?

But for me is like a blessing, is totally OK.



She is redicoulusly funny optimistic ( for me incomprehensible).

She courage a lot and She is not afraid to tell you truth direct.

She is very  open person. Maybe ( read: for sure) the people like her so much.

She has pure and creative soul ( maybe now she ll finally accept this) even if She has one of this boring but useful jobs with she loves.


I care about this F R E N D S H I P .

Is very precious for me and now when I know my Friend flying to the another continent to fight for her dreams

and give change for a new one, when I know she is totally terrified I am with her, I think of her again and again.

I truly believe that she ll fight back with overcoming fear and She ll come back as a W I N N E R.

( like always).

She ll be even stronger than She is now ( if it’s even possible).




Is OK to be afraid

Is OK to cry

Is OK to have a  bad day


Is OK to be angry for life

Is OK to remove a  smile from your face


Is OK to be disapoointed



Just fight back and believe.



Your Friend, A.