The frame You need - dear Bride. - Agna Pelon Fotografie

W»      hat do photographers need so much equipment or lenses for? You are wondering, dear Bride.

I will tell you today how your wedding collection should look like. And what to pay attention to when choosing this one.

No, not a husband. Thw Photographer.

Each photographer has a portfolio. Because he must have them. Inexperienced photographers show you only portfolio.

Confident photographer will show you all the reportage. What’s the difference. Well, it’s basic. It is not difficult to collect 20 nice photos

but to do all the reportage so that it would be interesting and exciting is already higher art.


Look what frames should be found in your abum. And it does not have to be several hundred.

A well-told story defends itself in a few shots, and you want to have one.



TOTAL  PLAN    /  6

Totally needed. And often overlooked. Detriment. A few photos that you do not have. That’s not. But for it are landscapes, rising or setting sun, your home.

Slowly the whole scenery of your day. This is important. No matter, because you want to remember that a light wind was blowing or a storm was going on …

At last, you chose this place to witness your beautiful moments. These photos bring you back to the climate of the day.

total plan - landscape



Because a wider look is needed … It’s something like a group photo.

You want to have everything and everyone in one place. Because you want to.


general plan - you and all the rest

MAIN  PLAN     /4

THE MAINT. hese are you in all splendor. It’s your moment. Your wedding dress.

Your silhouette and possibly the form of your emza. He is also kidding is important. What to say here a lot, you are the most important.

Very important photos. Let them be many.

main plan- all of YOU


It’s medium but it’s super cool. Because it’s time to approach. And we women like to love each other. We even pay close.

But not here. These are the climatic moments where your feelings are most important. Details appear. And you fought so hard for it, so you carefully chose.

From the waist up, let your hands work wonders. Catching time. Such nice shots to the frame.

medium plan and your bodies

CLOSING     /2

My favorite. It’s all about emotions. You can almost touch yourself, wipe tears flowing down your cheeks, feel the warmth of the skin,

lose yourself in the eyes. Misty, blurred, soft shots. The album should be full of them.

closing- touch


Now we are mega close … not everyone likes it and not everyone feels comfortable with it. but these pearly shots complement the whole of our album.

Details. Because the devil is in the details and every photographer knows that.

This is the texture of your veil, the closeness of your eyelashes, the swirling flowers in your bouquet, holding your hands.

You need these pants. Believe me, you must have them.

deep closing- feeling

Congratulations. You have just found yourself in a close circle of young brides who know how to look their album. Now you know what to look for and what to ask

your candidate for the photographer. I hope that your album will be a beautiful memory and the most beautiful memory full of great frames.

Use your newly acquired knowledge.
Good luck.





*The photographs used in the post are the property of Jose Villa - the best wedding photographer of our time. We learn from the best.