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She and only she. Bank of emotions and ideas.

She finds herself in his work.

You have neglected our image of photography. Until we met you, we thought about our photos from the perspective of artificial and forced poses. But you changed it. You managed to convince us that we can also be ourselves in our wedding pictures.

We thank you for everything.

The fact that your photos are full of emotions and beautiful snapshots you know and we know it.

What was in our album exceeded all our expectations. We saw each other-real, happy and full of love.


Working with you is a pleasure. You created a wonderful atmosphere full of warmth and laughter at which these photographs were made. You gave us a sense of security and space to be ourselves – and that’s hardly anyone can.


We will definitely meet again.





As soon as I saw pictures of Agna, I knew that I wanted to see her at my wedding – it was love at first sight.

Total dedication and reliability with some approach to her work gave me the confidence that this is the right person in the right place.

Agna treats each situation individually, each photo is unique and unique for me.

I received the most beautiful memento of the wedding day that I could only dream of.

Working  with Agna is a same pleasure.




After watching Agna’s photos, we knew straight away that he would become our wedding photographer. The passion and commitment that she puts into his work can be seen on every photograph. She puts the whole heart into his work.

We are very pleased that it was she who took to photograph the most important moments for us.

Despite our very short portrait session, we had a great time and the pictures perfectly reflect those happy moments.

Thank you and we wish you many successes.




We took the decision about the wedding a year and a half earlier.

We did not plan anything, we did not even choose the date, but we knew that you would be accompanying us on this day.

We gave our day into your hands. We trusted you.

We made this decision with ease, because we have already seen how you work and what individual contact you have with people.

We have seen how you can extract something unusual from a seemingly boring and uninteresting situation.

And today, just like the one and a half year ago, we can say – THIS WAS THE BEST WAY WE CAN DECIDE.


And we know that you will make not one couple  happy.











Absolutely P E R E F E C T  photos of albolut flowwwwwwww.

An amazing sense of taste, instinct and Passion – that’s what speaks for Agna’s photos.


Thank you for the much needed individual approach to us and for the support for the implementation of even the most crazy ideas. Great atmosphere and interesting ideas that accompanied Agnie during our cooperation, resulting in our photos, Our moments together.

Thank you for your support, for making us feel like old friends, for making us feel important.

Looking at the pictures, it is impossible not to notice that each pair and session is different, unique, has its own cliché and strongly reflects the character of the couple.

If you want to be sure that your special moments will be immortalized in such a unique way, we would wholeheartedly recommend that you invite Agna to cooperation.


PS.  Simple -Thank you  …


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You are an amazing person, with a clear goal – you give a smile to people.

You do it with your work.

We trusted you and in return you gave us your warmth and help. We know that he really cares about his clients – who are your friends as you say.

We are more than satisfied. Pictures are a great souvenir for our whole life. There are all the details that we have worked on so well that you have made sure that every detail is properly displayed in photographs that are perfectly made, but above all they are sure of life and emotions.

I do not know how you do it but you are almost unnoticeable during the ceremony. You do your work discreetly and with class, and the effects speak for themselves.

Beautiful natural photographs that look beautiful in our hand-made album are the highest standard. everyone who has watched our album is delighted. And that’s what we wanted.

Agna … thank you very much ….




At the very beginning – thank you for being with us.

We have seen with what devotion you approached our fast wedding. Despite the completely unfavorable weather conditions, the photos went great.

You knew perfectly well how to tame the weather and us. Thanks to you, we felt completely at ease.

You are a completely different photographer, you have your style and vision, but above all you can make a man trust you – and few can.

We wish you many successes. And to your future couples - do not be afraid. Agna can handle even the weather.





We can not please the eyes with our photos.

This is not the first time when Aunt Agna takes pictures of us, but everyone is unique.

For me and the kids, the whole session is first and foremost a lot of fun.

Aunt Agno, kids love you and me too. You even managed to convince my husband to take part in the session – which is usually not good. I do not know how you do it, but keep doing it. You gave us many smiles and reasons for happiness.

Until next time 🙂

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