HOW DID YOU START? - Agna Pelon Fotografie


Despite my artistic work and 2 years of pseudo photography, which I did not understand. I became a photogapher.

By accident, as it happens in life – you know.
Because life makes clowns of us and you never know what you can expect.
So quite unexpectedly to the shock of the family I became a photographer, and quite a bad one.
Although looking at my beginnings, you can laugh and do it today.
Maybe where once in the world lived a man who was born with a camera in his hand, such a picasso master device,
which immediately knew what and how to photogaph to let the world go crazy.
I was not him. To be honest.
I did not know how much and wanted to take pictures.
Although this story of life can be quite romantic, because my first flat, that is,
a flat where I grew up for some time,
it was adjacent to a photo studio (later was a bakery) and
I worked better as a model than a photographer
and did not show any special wishes maybe it was because we were not able to afford the camera.
But once we’ve made the first such magical equipment a few years later. I still did not burn my love for this profession.
It was rather a chore.
When I was a little bit smaller, apraty only had cliches.
Such expensive in the call, when the pain scroscal, when it turns out that something was lit up or the picture
did not go out because the cliches did not come to this side.
Black magic. harry potter. Who embraces it.


The standard in my picture taking were legs or trimmed head. I think it’s our family “talent”.
My dad do it till this day, and even the autofocuses and stabilizers in the autofocus will not help him.
Hopeless case.


My first nikon was my first real adult financial decision.
Well, if you get money for eighteen then it would fit them logically to invest.
So it seemed a reasonable investment. More because my demanding school wanted eachhave camera and I wanna have one too.
So I wanted to have the better one.
To be honest, I did not really know what to do with it, the very instruction of the service made it irrelevant.
Probably you also have it if you buy your first SLR camera, well, I will tell you very soon.
For money I put away for the violin which I have not bought until today, not that I could play on them, but I admire,
I bought lamps and tripods and I photographed all who agreed to take my room.
I will say so much, it was not crazy. In retrospect, it’s even funny, my mom still has a trauma, she did not make a single photo,
I did not care about it.
My first nikon camera I have and go is not much worth today, for me it has a sentimental value.

Something what had supposed to be an investment, opened my way to many possibilities . This I can not imagine.