I approach my work very personally, so I am asking you to stay in contact long before the wedding. I know from experience that the most fruitful cooperation takes place when we get to know each other well. Let’s talk, I will gladly answer your questions, help me, I will give advice. Let’s meet as much as possible, let’s have fun together. Maybe we can become friends. It would be great to work for a friend and create you photos straight from the heart.

What do you think?


Time, time and time again. Planning is especially important for the photographer. My works are based on natural light, so I will use it as much as possible, especially pry portraits, which is why time is so important. The seasons change, the system also works. The best time for this session is just before noon or just before sunset. However, he is aware of the intensity of classes and weather variability. I need 15-20 minutes for your wedding session and about 30 minutes for your family session. It’s best just after the wedding, before the dances, who would want a commemorative photo with smudged make-up and crumpled clothing. We can do it?

how to organize?


That’s how I do it. It would be most likely to take place right after the wedding, preferably the next day, for a simple reason. Emotions have not yet subsided and believe me they are very important. A man is a busy and quite lazy creature, so I know well that the longer you put it off, the less chance you have to make it. Pogoda is not our servant, just like random cases, and you certainly do not want tired faces in your photos. We want beautiful smiles and joy. We want honest love.

where to go





I am photographing a full-matrix cameraman, speaking the human language of your photo will be super sharp and big. So large that you can calmly wallet them. Selected and edited photos will go to a specially prepared for you USB. You will get 2 copies, just for security. It does not give you original rooks but miniatures of all photos taken for you. If you see after watching that you want more photos, you can choose additional copies for color processing.






In the point … in the contract for the performance of the work there is a copyright record. It sounds complicated but it is very simple to understand. The copyright of the author of the photos, i.e. me, however, are made for you so you can freely use them and dispose of them. I do not give up copyrights to my pictures, I just treat them like my children, it’s part of me, it’s part of my work. As an author, I have the right to use photos for my own advertising purposes. I have prepared the right contract, where we collect together what and how many photos I can use for that purpose. Nothing happens without your knowledge. If for some reason your wedding is top secret (I have one too) all of the details will be discussed individually.




Many people think that it is fo – pa to talk about money. Well, I do not think so and if you got here, you also share my opinion. Contracts are needed for each party to feel secure, and payments are a natural thing if you buy something. You buy from me your peace and confidence that your wishes will be fulfilled. Pictures are only a product that will take care of someone who knows his job and does it well. You pay for my experience and for how I look at the world. Booking a date is associated with the payment of 30% of the agreed price. This amount is a security and confirmation of willingness to cooperate.






The best option is of course a full-length reportage. If you have such a wish, I can accompany you the day before or after the wedding, depending on how you planned this great event. Remember that wedding photography is hard work, requiring total concentration all the time, and the photographer is not a machine, so the maximum time of my focus is 10 hours. Please take this into account when planning your day. If there is such a necessity I travel with an assistant or a filmmaker. It is also important that I receive a plan of the day in advance so that I can plan all the elements of the wedding from the photographic side. I will be grateful for help in arranging accommodation or transport. All for the sake of you.

this is how it looks


So lately it is super fashionable and super cool at the same time. If you have ideas for commemorative photos from this period, let me know. Away sessions obviously need additional preparation, but they have their charm. In times of cheap flights, a trip to Tuscany or Paris for 2 days is neither expensive nor embarrassing, and certainly charming. I encourage you to enjoy this pleasure. We can bring friends, a filmmaker, make a beautiful music video and a lot of other things. And an unforgettable adventure. That’s when we’re going?





I admit to you that the selection is the worst part of my work. Simply, every picture is unique to me because I know that these are important moments for you. I know, however, that 4,000 similar photos will not impress anyone, but only bore, so selection is necessary. I choose them under the account of history, because they have been done so. Already during the work, I know which picture will suit another, I see it through the eyes of imagination. When you manage to collect the entire story, the pictures go to editing. If you’ve seen my work then you know what to expect. Most of the photos will go to you in color, but you will find a few black and white accents, because I think that not every picture is suitable to give him a second life in color, some moments look better in melancholy black. You look at me, I know what I’m doing. You will be delighted!

See the whole process


So lately it is super fashionable and super cool at the same time. If you have ideas for commemorative photos from this period, let me know. Away sessions obviously need additional preparation, but they have their charm. In times of cheap flights, a trip to Tuscany or Paris for 2 days is neither expensive nor embarrassing, and certainly charming. I encourage you to enjoy this pleasure. We can take friends with us,

this is how it looks



I love and believe me, you too will be. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I like everything you can physically touch and feel, especially today in the era of mutimedes. Can there be something more beautiful than your own album. All for you, with your photos. Think about it, every detail was made by hand, the photos were prepared in a special way, checked by several people, if the quality and colors match. Each page is separately printed and sewn by hand by a living man who loves his job. You chose the cover and so the congratulations of the fabric come from my beloved Italy. They are of the highest quality, just like paper, which you can also choose.

You have designed everything for yourself, the color of the inserts, the naruki on the cover, the embossing. Do you feel how this album becomes your work? Think of the hands that have just wiped and covered the cover of your book, the smell of ink that dries on the chalk paper. The project becomes a reality, yet it only goes to the final control and already packed in a packed box is prepared for the road – to you.

And now feel it under your fingers, you feel the beautiful smell of newness, you see your photographs. That’s how memories are treated. That’s how they will last.

have a look

You can order extra copies for family with friends, a great thank you for being there.


If you have any wishes or need a photographer for your business plans, switch your proposal will certainly not be unanswered. If you need a film maker, or you want to work with me, it’s enough to contact me. We will arrange a conversation. If you have any question then please use the form below. I am waiting for your emails.

ps. Jeśli jesteś staroświecki to po prostu napisz list . To by było coś nowego.

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I love movement. I think that our body is made to move.

Fashion photography, which does incredible things with its models, is great here. If we work together, I have to prepare you for it. I’m not the softest type when it comes to work. I work hard to realize my vision and work hard on the other side of the obeiktyw. Is it worth it? Always.

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