MANUAL - (NOT) SCARY OPTION - Agna Pelon Fotografie

You bought the camera , you have spent a lot of money and expect now that your images will be of the highest quality .

You have a camera and you do not know what they are tens of millions of buttons and options?

How many times have I heard , ” Your camera takes beautiful pictures .”

Yes , yes it camera- so technically great machine that does the correct picture , for which he always stands a man , the thinking machine .

But I will deal with this topic another time.

Today I’m going to tell you how a little bit to understand and use the minimum basic options .

On the photo – composed of 3 factors: ISO , aperture and shutter . Depending on how we use them , we can get different results ,

pass other emotions and nature photography . Below is a triangle , showing the overlapping relationships between these components you need .







For a start I suggest you shoot in the day , their models set against the background of the sun in shady places, so that it did not rain on them directly harsh sun .

ISO– different cameras have different discrepancies. The lower the ISO the less quality or complete lack of image noise ,

in some cases it can add charm to your photos ( analog style , which I personally love ) . For a start I suggest setting the lowest ISO 100 -250 .


F – Aperture , everything depends on our objective lens the brighter the better. Personally , I believe that the purchase of darker than 2.8 does not make sense ,

if we are going to deal with a photograph of people.


TIME– here , unfortunately, you have to play the darker, the exposure time must be shorter , I most often use the optimal sensitivity 250s day ,

800 -1250s , when the day is very bright, and a cloudy day or in the evening 60-30s .


( MY ) GOLDEN  MEAN : ISO 100-250 / F 2.0 or less / TIME : 60-250

I hope that a little bit helped you understand your camera .

Enought talk time for action .

Take advantage of your manual options and share your beautiful pictures 🙂