... IMPORTANT FOR YOU...? - Agna Pelon Fotografie


You definitely have a name,

you certainly have your dreams and a set of qualities and behaviors that make you who you are.

I assure you that the other person is certainly not in the world. ALe do you wonder why you like certain things,

and sure enough, why are you laughing at things other than those that lead you to tears or anger?

Why do you like running or hating math?

Why do you study engineers, are you a doctor or like me you love beautiful things?

Why is your life so different? And does it look exactly like you wished? Unfortunately in 95% I will surely hear no answer. So what shaped your life and character? The answer is people, and especially the 5 closest people who accompanied you every day. Probably when you were a kid it was your immediate family (mom, dad, grandmother in my case and aunt), on the way to develop a friend and first friends, maybe a teacher, favorite band?

It is thanks to this people that you have some memories, skills, habits and beliefs that led you to this day. What’s next?

Who is affected today and who do you influence? Whom do you spend the day with whom you look with admiration, who gives you a helping hand where you cry when it's bad?

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You see, it’s important that you look around you, turn off the autopilot for a day, and reflect on the things that decide on your future, and unfortunately we’re spending so little time unless you’re a philosopher so probably your autopilot does not work. – like ever.

In other words, I challenge you – who is your authority? Or what you would like to be an authority. What do you want to convey to the world, your children, your employees, your customers? What story do you want to build on, what activities do you have to accompany? What kind of person do you need to be to achieve what you want to be what you want you always wanted or for the lucky ones who already have what they are aiming to do better? How can you improve yourself?

My authority was, is, and will probably be – my Aunt. A very important person in my life who led me through life by the side. She did not give good advice, she did not criticize, she did not show up above others. But what she gives and gives it a sense of security, understanding, a moment of compassion, concentrating on you, a plate of good soup when it is bad and crazy cheers of happiness when it is good. It is one of those people who do not focus on anger, have no time for it, problems are only a transitional situation, a task to do. Simple person with a big heart that understands. The person you want to respect and have in your life. This calm, optimism and self-control, looking straight ahead, accepting what’s behind you, reaching out for more, giving thanks for what is. It brings peace to your life. This makes sense every day.

You understand, it’s important who you look at who you talk to. It’s important to be positive, calm people who look ahead to you, who are triggering creativity and joy in you, who accept failures that rejoice when you’re up and down. You hand when you fall. If there are no such people around you, if you are surrounded by ugliness, pessimism, complaining and criticism every day, you will never grow up. Unless you close your ears and open your heart and mind to other possibilities. It’s like you spend time it matters. Better is the company of wise books than pessimists, who always know everything better, talk a lot but do nothing.

If you have a plan for how you want your life and personality to be. Play the architect. Think you can be what you want, you can do whatever you like and have the character you want? Write everything and then find people, who have what you want, and look what they are doing to achieve it. How do they behave, what is important to them. You want to master anger, practice daily calm, meditate, go out for a walk, practice, practice and practice every day you want to be. And it does not matter if you fall, you’ll probably explode with anger, though you promised you would not be. Get up and start over again. You want success, exercise, action and only action plus the right authority will bring you to what you want to achieve.

So who is your authority?