I WRITING NOT FOR YOU... - Agna Pelon Fotografie

                                      "At the end of your life you think to yourself, 
                                   how could you live each previous day. 
                            But then you can not turn back time. So start to live like that now. "



To be ones.

I don’t give a dame if You like it or not.

You don’t like it is ok,  You wanna critic this ? If it helps yourself do it. Please feel free.

I don’t make it for You,

I don’t wont to please You ,

I don’t need thousend of viewer on blog  or likes on social media ( of course will be nice to have it one day).

I don’t care my English language  isn not perfect.( I’m not perfect by the way.)

Besides, I’m not a British ( so no shame for me).

Im still in process of journey. I try new stuff. I took the first step I had this courage , I open myself for criticism .

Here I am fell free to attack.


One   You need to know…


I made it for myself. I make it for people who like when I make it. I make it to please my tired head, to help her a little, because is much sitting inside their comfortable and they don’t want to leave.

TO few away thoughts , bad and good emotions, to make a little space for new tuff.

TO feel refreshing , in computer language to RESET myself.

I make an effort. I let a piece of my life here.I create memories, and YES maybe is stupid, maybe I am not mastering of writing.

But who cares I am not Platon or Hemingway,

I am myself , I am ME and for me it’s enough.


I F        Y O U         L I K E      M   Y      W O R K       I     P R E C I D E       T H I S

I  F        N OT     I     UN D E R S T A N D   T H I S      T O O .