HEAVENLY LIGHT - WHAT IS THIS? - Agna Pelon Fotografie

The easiest way to say this is the remnants of light after sunset.

This light lasts only a few moments – believe it is magical. I love the camera, I also love it.


These remains of the sun light. A gift from God for photographers.

In this atmosphere every human being looks beautiful and heavenly.
I’m sure you’ll be happy.

Your makeup will look natural, your hair will light up the last rays of the sun, your skin will take on a beautiful color.


foto: Jose Villa


For photographers, it’s work comfort.
For those few minutes I do not have to think about where the light is coming from, or whether there are shadows on your face,

from which I can not be photographed.
You can do whatever you want, and I can film it from any perspective. And I know – I have the certainty that these will be wonderful photographs. Perfect technically. Because at that time I can not break anything. – almost nothing.



But it is also the time of the most intense work.

And trust me, we do not need blue water and clean beaches or palm trees.

Your session does not have to last all day and all night. It takes just a few moments to let your album fill with a set of wonderful,

natural and emotional photographs.

Only so much and so much.


Thank you God for this photographic paradise.


ps. For me the undisputed master of the use of this light is Jose Villa, one of the gurus of contemporary wedding photography and my undisputed authority.
See how he uses the magic of ‘heavenly light’








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