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I think we all have it. We all live with this . We struggle with this. Is eating us inside  yet we are too lasy

or to scare to make something with this.
I speaking about feel or beaing STUCK. StUck in your life, not happy, not satsfited, not full .
I'm struggle with this to. And I doning this since long time. But i decide to do something with this , to find a answer.
Besides so many generation of people was before us what possible they can do or struggle with anather then we do today?Answer- I believe nothing.
All the emotions are already well known and described, the story repeats itself from
 time to time,

 so it makes no sense to invent a new wheel as the old one works impeccably.
And where is the whole knowledge? Of course in the books.
After dozens of books that were helpful but insufficiently good
 about my appetite for knowledge, as is usually the case, "even if I do not believe in it, 
I found this one one-of-a-kind book.
This book is more than a guide or motivational interview.
 It is written in a narrative language that anything that happens to us in the life of good
 or bad is the result of our actions alone. We never stand in the place,
 we can either go forward or backward, climb the top or fall down.
 Our lives, success and happiness depend only on US.

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Yes, exactly. The supporters of complaining and pessimism unfortunately 
do not worry about who will blame for their failures. 
If something did not work for you it meant only that your thoughts,
 actions and beliefs did not work. Too many scatterers and laziness caused your current 

Proponents of fast effects or “secret” actions today lead me to error. Yes, it is true that our thoughts are matter and very important is what we think and how we think, because your positive thinking make a positive attitude and constrain good plans of action, unfortunately just thinking in a wonderful way will not make our dream situation, person or thing It materializes in the hallway today.

And the best if we start today.


Jeff Olson calls it ( SLIGHT EDGE) baby’s  steps.
In his book he pretends that only by specifying his goals, delimiting them
in time and pursuing them daily through our daily routine as we do, reading 10 pages
of wise books, can change our lives over a prolonged period of time.


Only so much and so much. Our desires and actions are building our lives, our thoughts and dreams will be realized in the next 5 or 10 years. So what you do today, what you say, read and what you think builds your future today.

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You know this saying:
Watch out for what you’re dreaming for, because it will be fulfilled.

After reading this book it made a deep sense for me. The book gives you simple recipes and answers to many questions. It explains why we think as we think and what way to take it, is success has come true and in our lives.

And unfortunately I have to worry you. Even if you apply all the tips already today nothing will happen – at least not for the near future. So you ask what is the meaning of reading this book just? One sentence. Maybe today will not happen, but think what will happen in 5 years. How would you like to live in 5 years, what would you like to have, what would you like to achieve? And what do you do today brings you closer to your dream life?

I know 95% of you will never reach for this book. I know that you will find thousands of reasons not to do so. But thank you 5% who will do it, because those are the ones who really want to earn their dream life.

I already started my journey and you?

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Jeff Olson : SLIGHT EDGE