Despite my artistic work and 2 years of pseudo photography, which I did not understand. I became a photogapher.   By accident, as it happens in life – you know. Because life makes clowns of us and you never know what you can expect. So quite unexpectedly to the shock of the family I became a photographer, and quite a bad one. Although looking at my beginnings, you can laugh and do it today.   Maybe where once in[…]

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7 things that a wedding photographer will never tell you …

Surely you were at least once at the wedding, and if you have not seen it, then  you have seen a movie  about the wedding, Apart from the bride who is not always beautiful and a crowd of guests, there is always a photographer lurking there. A man like me and you, with the difference that various straps, sachets, cameras and bags are attached to various parts of his body.   HE is there, You probably never wondered who it[…]

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What will happen when you will never have enough ?

Can an ordinary trip to the cinema become a great adventure? Yes. If you take your child with you. And for a movie like The Greates Showman. THIS was the first trip to the cinema of my son (big deal), I remember the first movie to date, which I watched as an 7-year-old  – “it was Casper”, Who does not know this movie, Hit 1995. So I decided it must be a beautiful movie with a message. After thinking, we[…]

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