The golden hour wedding session- K&O-Silesia


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Rustic wedding- Romantic wedding in Ufton Court


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The frame You need – dear Bride.

W»      hat do photographers need so much equipment or lenses for? You are wondering, dear Bride. I will tell you today how your wedding collection should look like. And what to pay attention to when choosing this one. No, not a husband. Thw Photographer. Each photographer has a portfolio. Because he must have them. Inexperienced photographers show you only portfolio. Confident photographer will show you all the reportage. What’s the difference. Well, it’s basic. It is not difficult to[…]

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Which camera and lens to choose when you start working as a wedding photographer?

So the shortcut is so. A good inphone can handle everything.   It is small, you always have it with you, it will photograph you panoramas, selfie portraits and whatever you want, really believe the highest iphony and samsung is going through the improvement of cameras so that I’m afraid of emue soon photographers will be claky unnecessary.   You’r small photo carrier can be handle with him safely. But I know you don’t know play safely.  S O…  […]

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