What will happen when you will never have enough ?

Can an ordinary trip to the cinema become a great adventure? Yes. If you take your child with you. And for a movie like The Greates Showman. THIS was the first trip to the cinema of my son (big deal), I remember the first movie to date, which I watched as an 7-year-old  – “it was Casper”, Who does not know this movie, Hit 1995. So I decided it must be a beautiful movie with a message. After thinking, we[…]

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Very- retro wedding


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  You definitely have a name, you certainly have your dreams and a set of qualities and behaviors that make you who you are. I assure you that the other person is certainly not in the world. ALe do you wonder why you like certain things, and sure enough, why are you laughing at things other than those that lead you to tears or anger? Why do you like running or hating math? Why do you study engineers, are you[…]

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