know that  your life has a purpose. You know exacly what you want and you know how to get it.   You take care of those you love.

Respect and personality play important role in your life.

You don’t care what others think or say about you. You know your value .

You love BEAUTY and you surround yourself with honest positive people who lift you up.

You are a dreamer and ambitiously choose your goals.


You are thirsty for new experiences.  You love to be yourself and your simple style reflects  this.

Pearls and frills are not your friends. You prefer  something better than more.

You love to dance, laugh and enjoy life’s little moments. You are optimistic. You are real.

And if you feel that I just described you then …



… we’re about to become a friends 🙂

  1. Are You tired with looking for an ideal photographer?

2.   Have you looked at thousands of portfolios and you do not know what you want?

3.   Are you afraid of wrong choice?

4.   That your pictures will not be what you dreamed about?

5.   That something will go wrong?


Would you like to feel comfortable and safe during your special day?

Would you like to have someone close to you, understand you and know how to fulfill your wishes?

Would you like someone to help you with this difficult choice?



If you have answered yes to all the questions, I have good news for you.

You do not need to look any further.

Your wedding photographer is here.

Everything what you fear of and what you dream about is here.


Check what  you need …



You love being yourself ? You feel the best in airy and lace dresses? You want to be a boohoo or rustic bride? Are you an artistic soul?  Are you in love with black and white photos and polaroids?  You are watching vanity fair or vogue and think that this is your lifestyle? You create your own trends and traditions?

If you answered yes to all questions – then we must certainly talk!


Yes I know you want it.  You watch all of these magazines and blog’s that are filled with beautiful people, clothes and places. You think that you can do that too, that you too could feel and be carried away by romanticism and madness. So why not? Do it!


If you love moving pictures, scenes full of details, beautiful music – this is the right place. I will create unusual snapshots for you,

finished with details, beautiful light and charming melodies. You will not be able to resist.  Explore it !

 for you

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I am Agna

I will keep your wedding day for you!
I will keep time for you!
It will be magic!


And now- I wanna meet…


Because this is what I do.  I just make PEOPLE HAPPY So don’t hesitate and let me know you want me to make you happy. I will make you smile and jump with joy. By your side, you will feel free. I will prove how amazing, beautiful and unique you are. That you can look like a movie star, and fell in love front of my camera. That you can be yourself – because you are one of a kind. For 11 years I have been making people happy. I have seen many tears of happiness. Now I want to see yours.


I accept every form of contact – almost every. You want to write an email or a long letter to me – I will wait with a longing. You want to talk to me on the phone or face to face – I prefer the latter option, you can actually see and understand the other side.

You need help or you can not collect thoughts, I will try to help you. Remember, asking is free.

“I promise it will be your story , I promisse you will love it…”

* BEAUTY *LOVE *fun * happiness * life * time *journey



Choose your
dreams !

so now you think…

What you’ll get ?     I can promise you  …


  •  The full reportage                 –  so we can experience this day together
  • 500-700 pictures                    –  because is enough to tell a story
  • wedding album                        –  to keep memories alive
  • web gallery                               –  so all world can see your wonderful  WEDDING !
  • PRESENT                                 – from Me ! Because I love to share a beautiful stuff…


More details ?



” It will be your wedding. It will be your day.
Make it personal. Make it your way.
And I know you do  it   &    it will be amazing time.
Because you know who you are and what you want. “



Just be happy


Emotional and authentic

Agna, being photographed by you was an experience in itself!

It was like a dream: You let us be ourselves, and we lost ourselves in laughing, beautiful light and bliss. What a privilege it was to see all those emotions in the final photos! We cried with joy.

You captured a million moments and celebrated us so authentically that we didn`t even notice you taking pictures.


There aren’t really enough words to describe how in love we are with our photographs!

Thank you!




Hey there!

To keep it as simple as possible…

Please use this…

I will be more than happy to get in touch and know you better 🙂

See you soon !





I have a very useful PLANNER for you – WEEKLY PLANNER.

I hope it will help you plan

and achieving your goals.

If you want to download  the planner click  on the tt triangle

on the right.

Good luck 🙂